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Carpe Diem Design

We seize & create the day we want now, not the one we imagine we may have tomorrow. As your quiet, wandering lady who likes to write - to my loving, handy man who likes to design and repair things.

I feel grateful to give you this present (read: website) and open up a new challenge for you. Your world is outside, you fly around this beautiful globe. You see so many cultures and it open ups your mind and you bring it home for us to see. Sometimes you bring strange fruits, other times you bring roses from the market of Ecuador, handpicked tea from Xiamen and of course Motordevices.

My world is inside my fantasies and experiences happen on paper or on screen. To connect these, our two worlds; I made you this website. As for now in Corona times the world is lockdown, you are grounded but again new ideas burst inside you. That's what made me make this website for you. To give you a platform and to show the world your services and design. It's just a small beginning, it's just a little showcase but I see sparkles in your eyes when you share your ideas and offering your help to design.

I Wish you a happy new beginning and a happy birthday and let's see what this will bring to you.

Manon Keeman to Maxim Staal


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